TEENAGERS,  TEENAGERS... can we really ever get enough of them? They're funny witty and sometimes just plain ole nerve racking. Well here's one that wont get under your skin, she's scholastically gifted, down to earth, centered and possesses enough  ambition to literally  take over the whole world... Right after she cleans up her room!

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Just a Lil Faith Season Premiere

Season 1 Episode 2

Friends Are No Mistake

​ABOUT THE SHOW... There's no more "Little old lady of Pasadena, she's been replaced by 16 year old cell phone packing, concert screaming, no nonsense teenagers who are at the top of their game. They have a lot to say, a lot to do, heavy school loads and more questions about life than a SAT TEST. They're not the typical rambunctious rebels without a cause teens we see everyday, no these young ladies reside in that middle ground that still give us some sense of hope or (faith -if you will) in the future of our young...

Season 1 Episode 3

Giving Knows No Season

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Season 1 Episode 4

Rainy Day Blues

Season 1 Episode 5

Career Day

​FAITH  is the ring leader of the crew, sensitive, caring and  strong willed. She's truly dedicated to her friends, school work and definitely staying out of trouble - you know the type... scared of our moms wrath. Her biggest worry is about losing her friendships if she goes away to college...

DAJA is a teen with a very old soul, but a real fire starter- she keeps the party going! She's very mature with a heart of gold, a real character in every way. She's a tap dancing, cheerleading, non-stop ball of energy with comedic facial expressions for any and all subjects. 

Zobria  exudes unheard of confidence, she's such a breath of fresh air with the kind of personality thats trusting and comforts. She always rooting for the underdog and a true leader in her own right, maybe thats why she's the head cheerleader at her school .

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