Our Street Team is committed

Giving out goods on Skid Row

 We're trying to make a difference in people's lives


If the children are our future, then the homeless are our here and now!

So many times people pass them by without hearing their silent cry for help, leaving them feeling hopeless, unimportant and so unloved. Being Street Urchins ourselves we cannot just sit on the sidelines and continue to watch this go on, which is why helping the homeless is our main cause! Join us by giving what you can, whenever you can to a homeless person or group, volunteer your time at a shelter, or simply email us below to find out about our next homeless giveaway and stand beside us to help distribute goods and goodwill...

OurStreet Team showing love for Pomona"s Homeless

Check out this great video

Jessie & Alexa's Christmas

Alexa is a busy Girl, but makes time to bring holiday joy to the homeless

Faith's Thanksgiving Treat

Faith, DaJa, and Zobria give Thanksgiving relief to the homeless


Here To create smiles


Spawned from the streets we urchins reached up for the concrete curbs. We Were temporarily blinded by the streetlights and unaware of the names being bestowed upon us, but arrogant and unwilling to remain anonymous we began marking our surroundings just to communicate. It frightened all intruders because they knew that...

"No one can own the day, but Street Urchins-We will rule the night!"   Street Urchins Publishing LLC

Feel their Pain just to survive


There is a great need for earthbound angels because some fall from grace, forgetting who they are, and what mission was the true meaning of their existence here. Our owner  true mission in life-to create... His gift to the world- to give, to support and to bring the less fortunate hope!

Caring doesn't cost anything


Learn to be that blessing the homeless pray about. Every night their prayers go out into the world and are very simple. "Please lord, let me live just one more day!" Since all they have are the clothes on their backs they truly have only one mission in life-SURVIVAL!  

Lets help them do just that...

Let Us Tell Your Story


Give of yourself today because tomorrows not promised!*


Yes people are needed to ensure that the spirit of giving is not lost, our company gives back to the homeless  because it feels so natural to show compassion for  all our people on the streets. We also do it with the hope that it will start a chain reaction  amongst  all we can hope to inspire. Today there are so many charities and everyday seems to spark a new one, let us not pass our fellow man, woman or child and ignore the opportunity to help however you can whenever you can



Although we do not take donations if you contact us we will inform you of our next outreach event and you may join us and donate your goods alongside us. Simply fill out  the information below, press submit and one of our staff will reach out to you. They will also be more than happy to give you insight on what goods that we've notice are accepted by the homeless


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The homeless are people too!

We love our homeless, 

Street Urchins Publishing LLC

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