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Our mission is to create and promote all that is media! And though it comes in many forms, all have one simple goal-and that is to entertain and capture the attention of the public. We want to help you introduce your own brand of literary and broadcast media- let the public decide its true worth. If you are a dedicated artist with material or a project you deem worthy of exposure give us the opportunity to help you release it upon the world.


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You have Music you want heard, Films, Trailers, Videos, and Commercial you want seen or created, your Books, Poems and Magazines published, realized and advertised. Well folks this is what we do! Simply go to the page that reflects your project or products interest, or simply click the button below to contact us.

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WE HAVE redesigned our  website making it more stream line and user friendly. It's all in preparation for your advertisements,our future shows, upcoming book releases and  a new web series, so stick around folks and watch us grow!

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Just The Beginning...

Jessie The Grill Cooking Show

"You better be ready to Bbq & Grill on my show, right Alexa?" "Jessie, touching the meat makes my fingers feel all yucky!"

Just a Lil Faith

Scholastic youth shares her life and love for the city of Pasadena Ca.

"On The Couch" Hosted By Ro'me Rome

Watch this 12" inch guy give some outlandish Interviews


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We work across many genres, so whether you are an artist, company or an individual creating a sitcom, a movie, video, music, a book/magazine or clothing line we can provide beginning to end solutions with a top of the line professional look and sound, helping you create a concrete vision that truly conveys your message to the world

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We offer advertising on our site as well, simply go to our "Advertise Page" checkout our examples, submit by email type of ad, location, content and one of our team members will contact and confirm placement, then simply make a payment-it's that easy!

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Recent Work

Interviews "On the Couch" Hosted By Ro'me Rome Now available right here & on our youtube channel

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Commercials, Videos, Music Prod, Branding, Book & Magazine Publishing, Sitcoms, Films, Merchandising-I guess you could say we do it all... How can we help you? 

"When you put good will out there, its amazing what can be accomplished"   Paul Walker 

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. Maya Angelou

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